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Gideon Affleck

Aylesbury gospel reggae star Christopher Grant aka Chris Da Ambassada has launched a new video to accompany what he hopes will be a summer hit.

Gideon Affleck

Jamaican born, UK Gospel Reggae artist Chris Da Ambassada recently released his new song and video titled ‘Twenty 16’ in which he reminds of his journey and his belief that this year is his year.

In his own unique Jamaican patois, Chris acknowledges God’s awesome power and ‘prays to the Lord to see Him one day’

Gideon Affleck

You have an unusual name, tell us more about it?

My birth name is Christopher Grant, known commonly as Chris. When I decided to embark on the gospel music journey, I prayed for confirmation of the name I should use.

Whilst studying the Word of God I came to the scripture 2 Corinthians 5:20, which states: “We are ambassadors for Christ”. I realised that my ministry was to represent Christ, and take the gospel wherever I am lead to; therefore I became ‘Chris Da Ambassada’.

Gideon Affleck

Were you born in Jamaica?

Yes, I was. I resided in Duanvale within the parish of Trelawny. 
Is it true that you are one of Jamaica’s greatest Gospel artist’s? 

Well, I don't think I am. Not sure I want that label either. Honestly, I'm just focused on running my race, staying in my lane and doing what God has called me to do. 

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