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Everything Changes for Chris Da Ambassada. Featured

Christopher Grant, aka ‘Chris Da Ambassada’ is delighted to announce the release of his new Single “God Alone”, featuring his wife ‘Chantelle’, taken from his forthcoming album – “Changes.”

Chris had been consumed by reggae from a young age, but a radical encounter with God in 2005 saw his life take a significant change of direction. The 2015 GXMMA Award winner, recalls, “When I was 12, I went to a street concert in Jamaica. It was a Gospel concert, and at the time I wasn’t a Christian.

An artist called ‘Prodigal Son’ was performing and I thought, ‘I would like to be that guy.’”

The 29-year-old, who lives in Buckinghamshire with his wife and two sons, spent two years at Bible College before his ministry, ‘Chris Da Ambassada’ was born. He reflects, “I found the closer I got to God, the easier the road became for me. Life just started to change drastically for me, and I met my wife. Before this I was in a very dark place, my past life was totally contrary to the way of God. I believe I was living 110 per cent for the devil. Now that I have found the way, the truth and the life, I must give it everything I am – my very best.” Chris adds, “My ministry, which is more than just singing a song, is about creating a brand that can bring about change. ‘Changes’ is my slogan; the change first took place in me and now I want to bring the light of God with my lifestyle to my environment and every place I go.”

Indeed, change is the drive behind Chris’ latest project, with his debut feature-length album “Changes” set to be released on July 11. He explains, “I see the album as a piece that represents my life and my journey. I think it also addresses some of the things that are happening in the world right now. I have always wanted to create a masterpiece and I feel now is the right time. It is very transparent, and I think it is time for people to see the Gospel in a new light. Church is not what most people think – just because I sing reggae doesn’t mean I can’t worship God in that way. There is a way, there is a truth, there is a life and the motive behind my album is to help people see that and see people added to the Kingdom…Changes to the world!”.

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