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MOBO Interview | Minister TAF Featured

Were you born in Jamaica?

Yes, I was. I resided in Duanvale within the parish of Trelawny. 
Is it true that you are one of Jamaica’s greatest Gospel artist’s? 

Well, I don't think I am. Not sure I want that label either. Honestly, I'm just focused on running my race, staying in my lane and doing what God has called me to do. 

How does Jamaican Gospel music compare to British?

I believe that there are similarities and there are differences. One of the differences is that in the UK you have Grime and Hip Hop Gospel, whereas in Jamaica you don't have Grime, and Hip Hop Gospel, it’s not that prominent. 

Where can Mobo fans see you perform?

They can follow on twitter @Minister_Taf or on Facebook (MinisterTaf), as well as Instagram (@ministertaf), to keep up to date on future shows.

Tell us about your record label and management?

Currently, I'm an independent artist but my wife manages my bookings for me.

We recently interviewed Gospel Reggae artist Chris Da Ambassada. Are you guys on a mission? 

Yes, we are! Music is a very powerful tool. We're on a mission to use it to spread the gospel worldwide; using our gifts for places that do not know Jesus. 

Tell us about your music and the millions of pounds you have made from Gospel Reggae?

I don’t consider myself a Gospel Reggae or Hip Hop artist. I consider myself a Christian artist as I create songs in both genres. My music ranges from mellow rap, laid back Hip Hop, head bopping Hip Hop and Reggae. I recently released my debut album, Preach The Gospel, which I created to bring hope beyond the norm. It is available on all major digital media outlets worldwide, such as iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. As for the millions of pounds [Laughs], I have not made that, and for me, it’s not about the money, it's about saving souls. However, we do need the money to be able to record the songs in the studio and to take care of our families. I am also still trying to build a bigger fan base. 

Who inspires you? 

Bizzle from God Over Money Records in the USA. I love his testimony and the fact that he's unashamed of the Gospel. I can relate to a lot of his songs because I’ve been there and parts of his testimony are very similar to mine, like being addicted to pornography and having now been set free. The name of his label is a perfect reminder to us, because many fall in love with money, instead of falling in love with God. So a huge shout out to Bizzle and the GOM team! 

Are the Mobo Awards broadcast in Jamaica?

During my time out there, I don't recall seeing it broadcast, and I'm not 100% sure if that remains true today since I've been away from Jamaica for quite some time. 

Which Gospel track best describes who you are?

I would definitely say “My God Is Awesome” by Charles Jenkins. Reason being, I just love to worship God. I'm a worshipper, and when I look over my shoulder to see where God took me from and to where I am now. He is definitely awesome.


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